Kennel-No-More Bed & Breakfast Dog Boarding of Best Friends Canine Services, LLC, Uniontown, Ohio - Uniontown, Ohio

Melanie Blair, Dog Behaviorist, Trainer & Canine Care Specialist
Kennel-No-More Bed & Breakfast Dog Boarding of Best Friends Canine Services, LLC, Uniontown, Ohio
Ohio 44685
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Private Home Boarding Services for Non-Hostile Dogs of All Ages, Breeds & Sizes. Boarding, recreation and care is provided by Melanie Blair (reputable and seasoned Dog Behaviorist, Trainer & Canine Care Specialist & Owner of Best Friends Canine Services, established in 2009) in her private home and on her private property, which includes a spacious enclosed back yard that borders a scenic treeline and farmer's field. No commercial kennels.

All dogs and puppies are acclimated and socialized with one another unless you prefer your dog be kept segregated. Either way, each and every dog receives personalized, one on one loving care and attention. A boarding limit of 6 client dogs keeps it simple and assures all dogs feel like kings and queens! :) Every lodger gets plenty of condition-appropriate exercise, adventure, playtime and affection and they each get a clean, cozy, spacious 'bunk cage' that is set up in the central traffic areas of the home, the living room and family room, and NOT in some lonely back room somewhere. Plush comforters are furnished in the bunk cages and replaced with clean comforters every 2 days or more often if they become soiled, muddied or damp for any reason. Once lodgers are successfully acclimated with the other dogs they are allowed to free roam about the house together. They are only closed into their bunk cages when Melanie leaves the house for an errand and at nighty-night bedtime. Geriatric and senior dogs, dogs that use carts, disabled dogs, blind dogs, deaf dogs, special needs dogs, dogs with handicaps, dogs with non-contagious medical conditions, dogs that require special diets, diabetic dogs, insulin dependent dogs, reproductively intact dogs all welcome. Melanie has extensive experience in caring for geriatric dogs, dogs in carts, insulin dependent dogs and dogs with special needs.

Dogs that are even slightly hostile towards humans or other dogs cannot board at our bed & breakfast. We do have board and train programs for rehabilitating hostile behaviors if you wish to check in to that. All boarding doggies and pups are required to be licensed. Also, owners will need to provide proof of rabies vaccines and proof that their dog is on regular heartworm preventative medicine, flea & tick preventative medicine (topical or pill) and regular worming medicine. If any of these medicines are due during your dogs stay we are happy to administer them.

Please visit our web site for more information, photos and client reviews. ARF! :)

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