Emerald Meadows Canine - Graham, Washington

Belynda Moore
Emerald Meadows Canine
29508 113th Ave E
Washington 98338
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Here at Emerald Meadows you will get the best in dog training and obedience with those tails a-waggin! We specialize in dog psychology and behavior modification. If you are experiencing allot of destructive or aggressive behavior in your pet or would just like a very well behaved and trained dog, then this high energy level of training is for you. Keep your dog focused on what you want him to do and not what he would like to do. This is where you will find the difference between our dog training and other commercial outfits. We train on a serious distraction level with our dogs so that you can conquer those dog parks and vet clinics! Creating a reliable, happy obedient dog—always! Even OFF LEASH!!!! Contact us to schedule a FREE demonstration to experience the training first hand! Try it before you buy it!

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