MaJones - Oakfield, New York

Karen Daube-Jones
1 N. Pearl st.
New York 14125
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I babysit.. If you are a traveler, I have very comfortable surroundings, 24-7 care. Or if preferred I can do home stays, so there is no stress on the dog having to leave their home.
We travel light. 40 years experience in children,(nanny) horses,(standard trainer, Thoroughbred)..
Sorry not a lot of experienced with cats~ I am now with 1 tiny dog, Suki (the horse lover) weighs in a big old 3.4lbs, Non shedding, and no bark..Loves anything that is alive.
Intermittent sitter for the babies of the CEO of citta .org. Michael travels abroad for a month or so. So time is no problem. At my home, The most alone time would be 2 hours, 2 times a week, (we need groceries) I am 53, and full of energy, run a "tight ship" around the animals schedule ..LOL And we have no problem traveling. Many references , please just ask. Th largest experience I have had, (in Canada) was 7 boys, a barn of racehorses, 3 dog's. I SURVIVED, and so did everyone else.. Last minute situations are welcome.
Thank you, Karen

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