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Canine Trade Group
850 New Burton Rd #102
Delaware 19904
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We are highly dedicated, professional dog trainers, committed to the highest standards of training and professional conduct. We offer an exclusive, proven dog obedience program that always begins in your dog’s home environment, free of distractions, before progressing to a public setting where dogs learn to respond reliably no matter what the distraction. We believe in setting you and your dog up for success, and our reward-based training program has been practiced successfully for over 26 years.

Collectively, we have helped tens of thousands of dogs live happy, balanced lives with their families. We can help your dog, too. Even if you’ve been told by another trainer that your dog is beyond hope (a story we hear all too often), don’t give up. Change is possible!

All Canine Trade Group dog trainers undergo a rigorous selection process and must complete an intense course of study regardless of their prior training background and experience. This course involves an extensive amount of bookwork on the scientific principles of canine learning and hands on training with different dog behavioral temperaments.

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