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Sylvia Gottschalk, Ctb.ccs
Delightful Dogs
792 Sawmill Road
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All classes are taught by Sylvia Gottschalk, CTB.ccs, an award winning dog trainer/behaviour therapist, who has worked with dogs for over 20 yrs, taught over 500 classes, 3000 dogs, and 6000 owners since opening Delightful Dogs in 1999. For more details about Sylvia, visit her Bio page on the website. Sylvia is a dedicated professional who upgrades her skills and education on a regular basis to bring you the most proven and up-to-date techniques. Visit our Resources Page for more resources & educational information. Our goal is not only to teach you and your dog valuable training techniques, but more importantly, to prevent problems, create good manners, and help you resolve any behaviour challenges you may be experiencing. We have expanded our business to provide the additional services of Grooming and our Retail Store. No more running all over town to find all the products and services you need! Our modern newly built heated and air-conditioned facility is large, clean and spacious with many safety features in place. Classes are held indoors and outdoors on our 1/2 acre property centrally located to the tri-cities in the quiet town of Bloomingdale, Ontario. See pictures of our facility on the Contact Us page. Our methods of training use non-physical aversives or corrections. We utilize hand signals and voice commands along with tools such as reward markers, lures/treats and real-life rewards to teach. We believe in establishing manners and leadership with trust and respect and not with any form of fear, pain, force or intimidation. We apply the learning theories of positive reinforcement, negative punishment, counter conditioning, desensitization & classical conditioning. We do not practice the theories of negative reinforcement and positive punishment. Exercises are taught in the presence of a variety of distractions including other dogs and their handlers. Class sizes range from 3-6 dogs per class. We keep our classes small to allow plenty of working space and individual attention. We will not overcrowd! Our training classes are scheduled for the amount of time necessary for proper learning. By ensuring the appropriate number of weeks for a class, you and your dog have plenty of time to work through your exercises. We will not rush you through a course! All classes include detailed manuals that are easy to follow. The level one manual will not only guide you through all exercises taught in class, it also includes solutions to common behaviour problems you may experience with your dog. We provide continued care, guidance and assistance for the life of your dog!

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