2018 Border Terrier Calendars

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A good-natured, loving companion, the Border Terrier was originally bred to hunt foxes that preyed on livestock. These bold, hardy, rough-coated dogs still make fine farmhands, and their affectionate nature also makes them extraordinary companions. They are easily trained, and they adore children. Border Terrier fans will appreciate this charming square wall calendar. Includes a free download of the DogDaysTM app for the smartphone and tablet, which grants access to the world s most captivating dog photos and backgrounds, fun puzzles, and a calendar featuring your favorite furry friends.
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The Border Terrier Calendar 2018 just might be the perfect calendar for the terrier lover. Each month include large grids, ample for recording your complete appointment and other significant dates. The Border Terrier calender offers thirteen charming photographic portraits of this good tempered and affectionate dog in beautiful color printed on high quality grade paper. Pick one up today to bring a smile to any lover of this wonderful dog breed.
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