2018 Newfoundland Dog Calendars

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The imposing size of the Newfoundland belies its calm temperament. Dignified and gentle, these dogs thrive on human contact. Webbed feet, a water-resistant coat, and a rudder-like tail make Newfoundlands excellent swimmers. This square wall calendar honors the noble Newfoundland. Includes a free download of the DogDays app for the smartphone and tablet, which grants access to the worlds most captivating dog photos and backgrounds, fun puzzles, and a calendar featuring your favorite furry friends.

This calendar includes a 6 month (July - December) 2017 planner page, so get yours early!

Calendar includes Holidays, moon phases, image captions with locations and other information, the highest quality photography and more!
The best selection of Dog Breed Calendars from the finest photographers on the planet!

With sweet and strong characteristics, the Newfies inside the Newfoundland Calendar 2018 are known to be the best of the breed. You will appreciate the large grids every month that have plenty of room to make a note of all your upcoming social engagements and important meetings. Adding this calendar to your house or office makes a valuable accessory.