AKc. Alsea'OorangAiredales - Oregon

Karen Kennedy
AKc. Alsea'OorangAiredales
Waldport (Coastal)
Oregon 97394 0935
American Kennel Club
Health Guarantee

11/01/18--Dedicated to the breeding of Rare Oorang-Type Working Airedales from famous old lines: Ouachita, Wood-River, Mooreland, Cabin Hill. We are a small 30 acre Woodland Organic Farm, who works our dogs for farm protection from the many forest predators. Occasionally we have a litter of Oorang Airedale puppies. We sometimes keep a puppy in training for farm duties & we allow all of our pups to go on daytime rounds with us to prepare them for future work. We sometimes offer older youngsters in training- for those who want their puppies well started in livestock compatibility. These are some of the Best Huge Working Farm Dogs you will ever find. Their size & weight is enough to move off any large predator in Oregon- like Bear & Cougar. Since using the Oorang type Airedales for farm work we have not even heard a coyote around our farm in years. (they used to plague us year round as predators) With a little guidance on our part, together with their natural instincts, "Oorang" Airedales are easily taught to protect all of the various types of animals we raise on our farm & to guard the orchards from the elk & bear. They prefer to "Move Off" the unwanted predators but Will engage if necessary. They do bark but more often they are growlers, especially at night when stealth is necessary -- they take their jobs very seriously. A true Gentle Giant with the family and to others when introduced -whether animals or people. Oorang Airedales are easy to school & are a calm, relaxed type of dog by nature. When not "on the job" they lay around quietly & conserve their energy while keeping an ear out for their family's safety. I feel very safe when out on the country trails with my Airedales. Both of our females are 26" & 27" at the shoulders & weigh 85 lbs & 120 lbs. These are not the small, show dog type- these are the large, rare, old fashioned working type that President Teddy Roosevelt loved & hunted with. John Wayne had this massive working type as well for his farm, I was told. The large Oorang Airedale came in vogue soon after the Airedale first came to this country from England. It was bred larger and larger for the By the Oorang Indian breeding program. It is a water retriever - hence the soft mouth, a hunter & a guardian / companion of home & hearth. Our lines are from the old working dog bloodlines, bred for hunting, tracking, guarding & companionship- that have survived from the early 1940's. Our dogs have been bred for balance of mind, conformation, strength, intelligence, physical health & temperament - all being at the top of the criteria list. This is a breed that I am dedicated to saving as there are so few of these working animals from the old lineages remaining today - most modern breeders infuse the standard size in the bloodlines which does not run as true to size and calmness in a litter. These pictures below are our two ranch working females. Take a look at our two extraordinary males listed under [stud dogs]

Please CALLS ONLY or leave your phone #. I like to speak with all new prospective dog owners first by phone. (541) 563 3006 - VOICE ONLY - land line no text.
( breeding in March 2019 to Zesty Ellie ) (7 approved homes on the list so far for the '19 breeding)

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