Radcliff Labs - Florida

Robert Radcliff
Radcliff Labs
21514 160th Street
Live Oak
Florida 32060
American Kennel Club
Radcliff Labs is a small hobby facility located in Northern Florida, raising Black and Yellow Labrador Retrievers.

Our breeding philosophy at Radcliff Labs is to breed for true labrador disposition.While soundness of body, structure, proper movement, maneuverability and athleticism necessary for a versatile sporting dog are also a must, we feel the lab disposition is a labs strongest trait.

Being responsible breeders we do not breed unless we are convinced that our knowledge, experience, and devotion to our favorite breed will result in a mating that will produce an exceptional litter of puppies, with qualities that are as near as possible to the ideal for our Labs. We breed to preserve and to enhance the characteristics that make our Labs unique. In short, we breed to improve

One of the major differences between an ethical breeder and a backyard breeder is that we care enough to be educated on all aspects of our breed and we take responsibility for what we produce, regardless of the cost.

The Labrador Retriever breed is truly exceptional. The Labrador is naturally kind, outgoing, non-aggressive, and always eager to please its master or anyone in the family. Although the Labrador is a large dog, it is a great choice for families with small children, being extremely gentle and loving. The breed is highly versatile, meaning it makes an excellent hunting dog or a family companion.

While we are a small breeder, we are very large on breeding and raising healthy, happy puppies. We firmly believe in breeding for Quality First, not quantity.

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