Black Knight American Akitas - Virginia

Black Knight American Akitas
New River Valley
Virginia 24143
American Kennel Club
Stud Service

UPDATED 07.12.2016- I forgot this ad existed but thanks for the reminder! Welcome to Black Knight, where the focus is on quality over quantity. I breed American Akitas for mental and physical soundness. I value the depth of love and care in a prospective owner more than their ability or willingness to show. My dogs are loyal guardians and an extension of the family. And I expect nothing less from those who become a branch of that family. Akitas are a lifetime commitment; the best friend you'll ever have, the warmest heart you'll ever know. That's what you'll find here. I breed very infrequently (about once every two to three years) but I'm happy to help you locate reputable breeders across the US. Get the RIGHT puppy, not the RIGHT NOW puppy! My akitas don't always show in conformation events- as a working breed, I have had/do have Akitas in different spotlights. My working dogs are highly valued and beloved members of the team, protecting life and property with a willing spirit. I work with each dog's individual strengths to determine what they will do well (conformation, obedience, tracking, protection) before committing to a course of action with that dog. Time consuming? Yes. Worth it? Every second. I offer occasional puppies for pets, conformation (show) and service work, retired adults, stud service, and often are fostering for a rescue organization and can help you with a "pre owned Akita" :) I accept behavior and socialization clients for intensive work- limited availability, please call to reserve space. ** Research your breeder! Be sure of who you are working with and choose a breeder who will be there for you and your dog for life, not just until your check clears. We are HAPPY to provide referrals to other reputable, caring breeders and help you make an educated choice- just ask! We're also happy to warn you away from unethical 'breeders'** Check the DOGFAX! Ask for the AKC registration numbers of sires and dams of litters, and visit the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals database where you can independently verify the health certifications of the parents so you know you are purchasing a healthy puppy. (minimum, Hip and Eye certifications, also recommended elbows and thyroid) . Ethical breeders typically wait a minimum of two years for their animals to mature and et accurate test results, be cautious when purchasing pups frm parents less than 2 years old. Ifs the sire or dam really a champion? Use AKC's free dog look up tool on their website using the registration number (this will give you date of birth,markings, etc) then click Check Points Progression; a new window will open and give you the dog's points tally towards a title. There are unethical people out there taking credit for titles they didn't win and prestigious achievements they never competed at (such as breed national competitions). Need more guidance checking out a breeder or dog? Just ask, help is always free!!! :) Read some of my articles on sourcing a quality breeder, tips and tricks for training and other Akita news at my personal website, Member in good standing, Board of Directors, New River Valley Kennel Club. Come see us at an event! The NRVKC is part of the annual Mountain Valley Cluster, first weekend of every August in Salem Virginia. Meet the dogs!