Windy Hills Farm - California

Windy Hills Farm
California 92028
American Kennel Club

Windy Hills Farm is a small family farm in Southern California. We breed high quality, healthy and beautiful AKC Border Collies and German Shepherds. Our pups are highly sought after around the world, and it is not uncommon for a person to wait a year or so for a pup from Windy Hills. Our litters are half sold before they are born, with many deposits placed before the babies are even conceived! If you are interested in a pup from Windy Hills, it is important to thoroughly read and agree to our "Puppy Policies". They are strictly adhered to, and are the main reason we can provide you a strong, healthy, well socialized pup that will be your loyal companion for possibly up to 16 yrs! Of course, all of our dogs have outstanding pedigrees and no genetic defects. All of our dogs and pups are loved and cherished, have free run of our property, home, and hearts! Our latest wonderful addition, our first small breed a surprise for one of our children, a Maltipoo, has amazed us with his intelligence and outstanding temperament, quick learning, ease of care, and overall joy he brings. He has convinced me to add Maltese to our breeding plan in 2015! As we are retiring many of our Border Collie girls from breeding and transistioning them to competiion (along with some males), 2015 is the last year we will be breeding Border Collie pups! We also grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and raise goats,in our secluded private paradise.