Richthofen German Shepherds - Ohio

Kathi Jo McAlister
Richthofen German Shepherds
Ohio 45648
American Kennel Club
Champion Line
Health Guarantee

As passionate German Shepherd enthusiasts in southern Ohio, we are dedicated to preserving quality and
offering quality AKC German Shepherd puppies with solid hip backgrounds & stable
temperaments to the public over 22 years. Our pricing for the quality we have & effort put into our litters is
also extremely reasonable-we provide pedigree links for you to see for yourself. Browse our
website, take a look at our dogs and read about how we do things here at Richthofen--then
you'll see why we're the place to come for a TRUE quality GSD for your family with lots of
thought put into the breeding long before a litter arrives.
Lots of OFA health testing and exceptional European quality bloodlines backed by titled and hip certified GSDs in every breeding.
10x German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. National Newsletter Editor Competition Winner 2010-2021