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Wall 2 Wall Border Collies
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Wall 2 Wall Border Collies: Border Collies of exquisite bloodlines
If you need to "round things up," to "run the course," or to "just hang out," we can do the job~!
CBCA [Canadian Border Collie Association] Registered Border Collies. Visit website for Pups available. All Dogs from Working StockDog lines. Located in Canada. We can arrange shipping across Canada. References and pictures of past pups available.
We have been a working sheep ranch and our male continues to work stock regularily. We do not participate in Agility although some of our pups have gone to agility homes. Our pups have proven them selves in the herding trial world, the agility ring, in search & rescue from land & air, as service dogs and always as wonderful companions as well. For more information and pictures and pedigree information, please visit our website. www.wall2wallbordercollies.com

All pups come with Microchip, birth certificate, 1st vaccination, Health Certificate, registration with the CBCA, PURINA puppy packs, air-transportation can be arranged (purchaser pays). Videos and pictures and pedigree on our website or by email. This is the seventh litter of this match and we are having very positive feedback on all the pups engaged in various disciplines. Multiple references available. email for more pictures and pedigrees $1,500.oo + airfare fee, transportation to airport, kennels & travel certificates if required wall2wallsheep@yahoo.ca, wall2wallbordercollies.com Located in Cartwright, MB, Canada
Dam: Nell CBCA 8370 (Bruce Smart’s “Link” X Missy) Nell can be traced back to 3 time US National Champion, Berhow's Nick. Her father, Link is a Canadian Champion as well.
Sire: Del'Mar Skeet CBCA 7008 (Ellison’s DEL'Mar Turk lines: DEL'Mar Kep X DEL'Mar Mint by
Dave's Imp. Jim a son of Bobby Dalziel's great Wisp, two-time International Supreme Champion)
Del'Mar Skeet comes from very good breeding, carrying two international supreme champions
in his pedigree.
Past Litter pup: W2W ABBY [Skeet x Nell Sept22/2013] Owner Comments 2015: Abby is a sweet and calm minded little girl and is an excellent addition to our kennel. She is really coming along in her training and is showing excellent eye and style. She has beautiful balance, is very stock smart, and is the type of dog that I love to work with. She will be a strong competitor in the 2016 Nursery class. *** Abby had a stellar run in the Nursery Class on the Sunday and won the class!! She was up against some very good dogs, including my Harold, and she beat them all! Pretty talented little dog. *** 2016: Abby tied for 1st place overall in the Pro-Novice Arena Champion of the Stirling Acres Winter Series, British Columbia, Canada
Past Litter pup: W2W STAR [Skeet x Meg Mar6/2010] Owner Comments 2015: Stars final run at Nationals (AGILITY), she listened so well and stayed with me on all her 6 runs, against some top notch teams, going 6 for 6 she has never done this before ..... doing at Nationals and being on the podium ............ "Priceless" [Note this was just days following the sad event of the passing of her older "sibling" Dazzle]
Best of all she ran with a smile and had fun running with a nervous dad trying not to mess up lol.
Star placed 4th at the 2015 AAC Nationals, 16 in. Specials in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
2012: Star got her Steeplechase award at the AAC Nationals with her older "sibling" Dazzle placed 4th, & related dogs: Chase 5th,Rex 2nd [all 3 littermates from Del'Mar Turk] with Star being a Great Granddaughter. "Del'Mar Turk" was a long running top herding champion across Canada & is well known.
Taking Orders now for Border Collie Puppies Expected December 2016.
All Black & White, $1,500.oo
Both parents are working stock dogs 204-529-2663
wall2wallsheep@yahoo.ca www.wall2wallbordercollies.com
At this time the waiting list is for Litter 8 from a Nell x "Del'Mar Skeet" OR daughter "W2W BeeJay" & a dashing young Welsh import [litter 1] due to arrive Christmas, 2016 stay tuned to wall2wallbordercollies.com OR
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_3ePZ8ue86hJjM87yJJXgk6Np20R7Nom For Youtube
https://www.facebook.com/Wall2wallbordercollies-159085834477847 Nell & pups photos and vidoe links
https://www.facebook.com/Wall-2-Wall-BeeJay-the-Border-Collie-1036315289720747 BeeJay & pups