Norton Boxers - Arkansas

Norton Boxers
Arkansas 72628
American Kennel Club

We here at Norton-Boxers, has an abundance of love and joy. We treat our boxers as our own children, Our Boxers share their home with us, They own us instead of us owning them. LOL.. We keep our boxers inside most of the year, while it's nice outside, they get the run of the yard and play and if it's HOT outside they stay inside in the air conditioning and of course when it's cold outside they all sleep in front of our Wood stove.. They are totally spoiled, We love our babies,, Check us out and if you are ever in search for one. Stop by and take a look at our available puppies, and maybe find your NEW BEST FRIEND. Here is a few of our adults that we have puppies from!! Enjoy!!! and if I can answer any questions you may have, just send me an email and I'll be glad to answer them. Thank you & God Bless With loves from the Norton Boxer Gang!!