Janzen Family Bassets - Georgia

Janzen Family Bassets
Georgia 30012
American Kennel Club

Raising AKC Basset Hounds with Champion bloodlines. All our puppies have European and American bloodlines. We love the saggy look that the euros bring and strive to produce babies with long ears, big paws, and a face that’ll melt your heart.
We are just a small family breeder, but we must say that we love our Bassets! We started with one (Wendy) and quickly decided that another was the right thing for us. We created this blog after Lucy had a litter of puppies because we wanted to help find new homes for the puppies, and share our Basset family with you. I am a stay at home, homeschooling Mom, and I love the joy that we get from raising great family Bassets while making it possible for others to find that perfect lifetime companion.

Our puppies are played with daily by myself, my husband, and our five children. Our Bassets are not kenneled, they are allowed to roam freely around our three acre fenced in farm. When the females are in heat we have a large area fenced off for their safety. Whenever the pups are born we move them inside to whelp where we can stay by the mothers side for at least the first week. They stay inside until four weeks of age, and then are moved to a large puppy area to teach them how to potty outside.

We only breed our females if they are in perfect health for the safety of both mother and pups, and then only if we have homes lined up beforehand. *We do not inbreed any of our bassets.

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