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My kennel is small but then great things come in small packages. I raise Silver, Charcoal, Chocolate, Black and Yellow Labradors. All of my breeding dogs are DNA tested for the 15 Genetic Diseases known to the Labrador Retriever using the Paw Print Genetics testing lab (, have hips and elbows tested by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and/or PennHip study done on hips.

Puppies are vet checked, get first shots, and are micro-chipped by Dr. Mary Giaquinto at Limerick Vet Clinic, Limerick, NY. They are also wormed, and you will receive puppy packs loaded with information (just a few items are: Litter Pedigree, Parents Pedigree, Puppy How to Guide, (Nu-Vet Vitamin & NuJoint Samples) prior to going to their forever homes at 8 weeks of age. I do Bio-Sensor exercises (as done in WWII by the military for their war dogs) from day 3-13 and follow the rules of 7. At 49 days old I hire a Volhard Tester to do temperament testing on all of my litters.

I am proud to say my Annabelle now holds 20 American Kennel Club Performance Titles and her daughter Ziva earned her first Title at 8 months old and currently holds 7 AKC Performance Titles. Ziva is an EIC carrier so all of her puppies will be tested with Paw Print Genetics for EIC carriers. DNA testing is confusing even on a basic level sometimes. A "carrier" does not have the disease but carries 1 copy. The importance of all breeders testing their breeding stock comes in when pairing your litter parents. If two dogs are carriers of the same disease, breeding them together will most likely end up with 25% of their litter actually having the disease. This is why I DNA test for all 15 of the Labrador diseases.

Rayna from Ziva's first litter earned an invitation to the 2016 AKC/EUKANUBA North America Diving Dogs Championship NOVICE Division, in FL at her very first official AKC Dock Diving event. She was just 6 months old. With a total of 32 entries in that division, Rayna finished 5th in the Country. Her sister Primrose from the second litter is on track for that accomplishment as well. This summer Rayna also earned her UKC Conformation Championship and UKC Senior Dock Diving Title as well as her AKC Novice Instinct Title in Barn Hunt.

Abbey & Walter are both UKC Conformation Grand Champions and Abbey is a Conformation Reserve Best in Multi Breed Show winner. Both have Dock Diving Titles in AKC and UKC, AKC Canine Good Citizen Titles and Abbey has completed 3 titles in AKC Rally Obedience. Both Abbey and Walter are 100% clear on all 15 Diseases on the Paw Print Genetics (PPG) Labrador Panels.

Candy is my Ukrainian born girl who just joined us in March of 2017. She and Walter are going to make some fantastic puppies. Candy is clear on 13 of the 15 PPG Labrador Panels. All of her puppies will be tested for both EIC and HPNK which she carries 1 gene for.

Deposit is $250 and determines pick order of the litter based on date received. My prices are not set by fur color, pedigree or sex of the puppies. Check out my website at

Thank you for considering one of our Best Kept Labs to join your family. DON'T WAIT! Get on the list. It fills up fast.

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