Hawes Heritage Ranch - Washington

Hawes Heritage Ranch
Po Box 27
Washington 99110

We are located in the beautiful Williams Valley only 25 min North of Spokane, Washington. We have loved Great Pyrenees for over 20 years, since we met our first Great Pyrenees at a Bed & Breakfast in Vashon, WA.

Our Great Pyrenees puppies are loved by our 6 children, and exposed to work situations and companionship. We work to find the best work dog temperaments, and the best companion temperaments, so that they will be best matched to their new owners. These puppies are born inside, but are moved out after 4 weeks, and exposed to chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, horse, cow, other dogs, cats, turkeys and pigs.

A puppy from Hawes' Heritage Ranch comes to you already exposed to bath-time, nail trimming, regular brushing, and gentle handling all over, including in between their toes and in their mouth. We work on their "sit" for treats and petting, "off" to remind them that it is impolite to jump on people, "gentle" for keeping teeth off of human skin, practice "come", and have been introduced to a dog crate.

They also have their 1st shots, have been dewormed, and had their first veterinarian visit.

Call us to learn more - 509-850-0283

We are raising Great Pyrenees, Newfie-Pyr mixes and Mini Aussies as part of our family, and ranch. Our dogs are well socialized with all sorts of animals and, of course, children of all ages.