Powerhouse - California

Heather Henisey
California 93536
American Kennel Club

I breed for a medium drive, medium sized Border Collie. Not something that is going to want to work all day and cares more for his sheep or toys then he does for me, but rather something that wants to play when I do but will sit around and be a livable companion the rest of the time. I want something that is friendly and outgoing but that is reserved enough to always come back when called. I prefer a very intelligent and biddable dog that wants to please and is always looking for the answer that will make me happy, not one that will be manipulative and always trying to outwit. We do breed for conformation from some of the top lines from USA, Australia, and the UK. All dogs are fully health tested and health guarantee. We prefer pet or first time performance (agility) type home. Visit our website for more information on up coming litters. Puppies regardless of gender or color are $1200.00. It is better to reach us though our hotmail email of powerhousekennel at hotmail dot com or my cell phone which is 661-332-0058 then though this websites email as I am not techy. Thanks Heather