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Jennifer Lind
Von Schwarzwald German Shepherds
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Colorado 80917
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I began my journey into the German Shepherd community in 2010. My family had bred and owned German shepherds for generations, but I picked out my very first German Shepherd puppy, "Maximus" in 2010 and was immediately in love! I have owned only German Shepherds since that day and can't see that pattern ever changing. The GSD breed endeared itself to me for many reasons, the main ones being their intelligence, beauty and unwavering loyalty! My first GSD was the start of something beautiful in my life and in many of the lives around me. So, I decided to get Maximus OFA/CGC/PA certified and began the journey towards becoming a breeder. I have only bred a couple litters over the years, as my goal has never been quantity, but quality. I have now had the privilege over these 11 years of seeing my puppies bring joy and life into the homes of many families. Maximus' puppies to this day remain in working, protection, family and service dog homes.

One of the main reasons I chose to breed was to share my love of this amazing breed with others. As well as, to show the public what sweet tempered and loving dogs German Shepherds are when bred correctly, and to produce solid structured and temperament proven dogs that would live long healthy lives. I have had several families whom had an individual in their family attacked by a GSD, now take home GSD puppies from my breeding program after meeting my dogs and seeing how sweet and reliable they are when raised correctly. These dogs are WORKING animals, which means they need a job. They are not back yard ornaments! When treated as such, they can become restless, destructive and even dangerous. As it is with EVERY working dog breed in the world today. We have NEVER had an aggressive puppy come through our breeding program, because we put in the time to socialize and train our dogs from day one. A huge part of this also comes down to NOT breeding any animal that shows signs of aggression, especially towards people. Unfortunately, not everyone believes the way we do and I have personally witnessed such dogs being bred, despite their aggressive tendencies. This is why it is SO important to meet the parents of the puppies BEFORE purchasing your new family member.

I have several incredible European, AKC, working line German Shepherds in my breeding program and I am planning a winter 2021 litter.
*All of our breeding dogs are health tested for DM and Brucellosis and hips/elbows are OFA certified*

For more info on my dogs and upcoming litters please contact me at the phone number provided.

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