Sun In The Beeches - Pennsylvania

Angel Vonneida
Sun In The Beeches
Pennsylvania 17845

I recreate ECT Landseer dogs here on our mountain farm. I have been recreating this breed for over 10 yrs, all puppies come with pedigree, shots, dewclaws removed and are socialized daily. I post a ton of Photos and video so you can watch your puppy grow and offer two puppy play dates before they are 8 weeks old. I help folks place their dogs if they can not keep a puppy they bought from me. Most puppies are spoken for before the litter is 6 weeks old, so contact me to get on a list. My Dogs weigh well over 100 lbs with at least a few reaching 200 as 3 yr old adults. They have good minds, great health and are easy to train. Most have a natural need to please their owner and will do anything to make you happy. As adults they will be on the protective side. If you would like a large dog that does not drool, is more active, does not have the health problems that accompany the Newfoundland breed, then one of my puppies will fill your need