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Christa Bevington
Ancient Knight Akitas
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Hello, we would like to thank you for stopping in and reading a bit about Ancient Knight Akitas. We have been owned and loved by Akita's for 20 years now and are a small hobby kennel not a business. We started out with a companion male with a possibility of showing him if he matured nicely.
Unfortunately our companion boy retained a testicle and was mono-orchid so we neutered him. We were fortunate that we had purchased from a respectable and reputable breeder. They helped us along the way and went to shows with us to help us learn. It was a great time with a lot of fun.
Between myself and my husband we have had several dog breeds along our way to finding the Akita. How do we describe our dogs... well simply put... Family.

When we breed and produce puppies it is for us to keep something and not to meet public demand. We can not keep every puppy so what puppies in our litters we do not keep we look to place in wonderful forever homes.
We do all health clearances such as OFA(Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Hips & Elbows, Eyes, and Thyroid screens for the benefit of the breed but also for the benefit of our fur babies.

The Akita is striking ,majestic, and beautiful to behold, and we believe the Akita is a versatile breed. With the proper love, training, and guidance from his human family the Akita is a wonderful addition to the family.

We like to stay in touch with all of our puppy owners and offer help and advice along the way. Life time support for you and your puppy is what we like to call it!
We welcome any inquiries even if it is just for information or even to just chat Akita's. :o)

Our dogs can be found with us almost everywhere we go. Even out in the yard helping us plant where you can see dirt fly and a dirty face come up with a grin that says "Look ma I dug this hole for you to put your flowers in!"Sometimes I think we have ground hogs,fish, and the occasional mud monster instead of dogs :O) It does not matter if they are show Akitas or companion Akitas we always strive to produce Akita's with sound mind and bodies adhering to the standard.