Kesang Camp Tibetan Mastiffs - Illinois

Ronald Bombliss
Kesang Camp Tibetan Mastiffs
2825 State Route 17
Illinois 61434

Kesang Camp has 33 years training experience with Tibetan mastiffs; and we socialize our TMs with children and other animals from birth, on a daily basis; in a family pack environment where TMs are trained, inside home and outside, to free feed and share without fighting; like a pack of domestic wolves moving as one, so the transition into your home with other animals and children will be relatively pleasant! Tibetan mastiffs are slow maturing, mentally and physically; and they aren’t ready to begin serious training until after eight months of age. Many of our TMs go to law enforcement (for home protection), military vets and victims of domestic violence (for assistance with PTSD), and for livestock guarding. Tibetan mastiffs are very stable, nocturnal livestock guardians; and hypoallergenic family companions that are fierce of mien with intruders, while gentle of manner with their family and children! You can email us at for short inquiries; or phone 309-277-7110 for lengthy inquiries.

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