Primal Presa Canario - Alberta

Jacob Suelzle
Primal Presa Canario
Alberta T0J 0W0
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We are a family run kennel, breeding rustic, working style Presa Canario in Alberta, Canada. Our dogs are active guardians and family companions as well as working dogs used in Protection work, obedience and sport. We value heath and temperament above all else in this breed. Our dogs are walking examples of what this breed was meant to be. We are fortunate enough to have some of the best specimens in the breed living with us. ALL of our Presas are tested and regularly worked.
Primal is about temperament.
Looking for a Presa that acts like a Lab? This is the wrong place.
Our Presas act like Presas. Period.
While we value and are proud of the pedigrees behind our dogs, we do not ride the coat-tails of dogs we did not own or breed. We talk about what our dogs actually do or have done. Primal is very fortunate to have some of the best working kennel’s blood behind our dogs. We are students of and have much respect for the breeders and trainers who have and still work the blood we are fortunate enough to have.