Mountain Dove Cattle Dogs - Colorado

Mountain Dove Cattle Dogs
Colorado 80831

” We raise some of the best cattle dogs in Colorado. I fell passionately in love with cattle dogs; when I got my Queensland Blue Heeler 19 years ago. I can't imagine a day or event without them. All my dogs are with me daily whether I am working the stock, training or just my best friends. I only have a few litters of pups per year and partner with select ranchers for stock. My pups are all over the USA & Canada. They excel in agility, intelligence, loyalty, and love. They have become wonderful service companions, working dogs and a beloved family pet. We would love to help you choose your next fur baby, working dog, show prospect, or family companion. We specialize in Australian Cattle Dogs; Heelers, Shepherds and Collies. They are revered companions and workers. Our Dogs ARE NOT JUST BREEDING DOGS. We have a select few for breeding that have the qualities and conformation of the breed that we would like to pass on to others. We breed for temperament and conformation. Quality is what counts not quantity! Whether we are breeding for work, show or pet, the quality has to be the best. We do not have an unhealthy dog on our ranch. Our puppies are on a strict de-worming and vaccination schedule. They are socialized with our dogs and family daily. We believe that the more social a puppy is, the better dog he/she will make. Australian Cattle Dogs are known to have "natural" instincts, they still require time and training. The best outcome for a great dog is the result of the time and effort you give, as well as the dog's abilities. ACD’s are great companions and I find my pups choose their families. They need plenty of exercise; they are not “couch potatoes”. Keep them occupied and challenged and they will stay out of trouble. All puppies leave my ranch healthy and happy. Every pup deserves a good home and family. I am extremely particular on who gets my fur babies and that their new fur parents are committed to their pup. Just because someone wants a pup does not mean they get one. The most important thing for us is that dog and person are compatible! ACD really means “Awesome Cuddle Dog” here at the ranch. Our pups specialize in “The Snuggle Is Real " and I guarantee the pups will have you at woof!
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