Givens Blackmouth Cur - Georgia

Shannon Givens
Givens Blackmouth Cur
Georgia 30655
United Kennel Club

Our Blackmouth Curs bred to be versatile. Protective and territorial of their person, family, home and property. I do not offer dogs for sale, only puppies when they are available. My price for a pup will vary. I’ve owned and bred Blackmouth Curs since 2006. For more information about our Blackmouth Curs please contact Shannon Givens (770) 307-6802

Georgia State Licensed Breeder

For information on our BMC and pups, information to how to get on our waiting list. Please give us a call.

When we have pups available, there will be plenty of pictures and information given to those getting a pup. Highly prefer our pups to be picked up here at our home. Transporting and shipping is available, extra fees will apply.

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