Ouachita Bulldogges - Arkansas

Sara Bowden
Ouachita Bulldogges
Arkansas 72031
Health Guarantee

We raise early style boxers and Olde Tyme Bulldogs. I do not breed modern AKC show type boxers or sourmug AKC type bulldogs.
My boxers come in a variety of colors, and are more compact and heavier muscled than kennel club show boxers. I aim towards a more bullenbeiser type as the Boxer was in late 1800s. Average height is 20-23 inches and average weight is 55-75pounds.
My bulldogs are farm utility dogs. They look like the historical bull-baiting and philo-kuon era bulldogs. The temperament is same as American Bulldog. Average height is 16-20inches weight varies from 45-70 pounds.

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