VonGontaHaus - New Jersey

Alexander Gonta
Jersey City
New Jersey 07305
American Kennel Club
Champion Line
Health Guarantee

VonGontaHaus is a small hobby kennel located in Hudson County, New Jersey. We serve the NYC metro area of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania but also other states as well and can ship anywhere in the country. We only produce one or two litters per year and we train our own dogs and compete with them. They are also our family pets. Our breed of German Shepherd dogs come from German and Netherlands bloodlines directly imported from Europe, or only one generation removed from European blood. We focus primarily, but not exclusively, on West German working lines, Our dogs are not just champion Working Blood Lines but they come from some of the finest kennels in the Netherlands and Germany. Please see our Ancestors page to understand the foundation dogs in our bloodlines. Our dogs come from famous Kennels in the sport of I.P.O and K.N.P.V

Our breeding program is based on three things:
Our program is based on 3 Things: Proven Health, Proven Temperament and Proven Home Raised puppies.

Proven Health Means: our males and females have undergone O.F.A hip X-rays and are screened degenerative myelopathy , or a canine equivalent form of "Lou Gehrig's" disease in humans, that all dogs are D.M tested.

Proven Temperament means: We believe in raising dogs that are from working bloodlines, that have excellent nose, courage and a strong willingness to please. But we also want sensible dogs that will curl up in front of the the T.V and be a child's best friend. We don't believe in dog that is great on the IPO field but is so high drive and full of energy that he can't settle in the home and have a good "off switch". We believe good working temperament, is a very balanced dog, that is also a dog a child can hug, but can engage and protect your family. We want sensible dogs: a dog a child can hug, but a thief will run from. In short,we produce the kind of German Shepherd we all dreamed about in growing up!

Proven home Raised Puppies means: The "Super dog program" was developed by the U.S military. It talks about early neurological stimulation of very young pups so that they can develop to their full potential. We raise our dogs in our home, perform, in a warm and cozy enviornment, and perform early nuerological stimulation to get the best possible performance from these super confident rock star pups. They are exposed to household noises, television, radio, vacuum cleaner, and a variety of surfaces, when old enough, to build confidence and a strong, outgoing attitude.

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