RayneMaker Miniature Australian/American Shepherds - Georgia

Donna Baker
RayneMaker Miniature Australian/American Shepherds
Georgia 30052
American Kennel Club
Champion Line
Health Guarantee

We are a small hobby breeder, breeding only a few litters a year. We subscribe to the philosophy that "quality always trumps quantity" and breed only exceptional quality, health tested dogs. All of our breeding dogs live in our home, and are our pets first. They sleep in our room, and are never housed outside in a kennel environment. Our litters are strategically planned, and born in our specialized whelping room, which was designed to provide the utmost in both safety and comfort for both Mom and her puppies. And of course a bed for me, as I don't let them out of my sight for at least 3-4 weeks! Puppies are handled from day one, as all of our moms trust me and welcome me into the whelping box. Once they are ready, everyone moves into the big kid puppy pen in our family room so that they get used to the hustle and bustle of everyday family life, and begin to socialize regularly with our family and their other pack members. We do limit visitors until puppies have received their first vaccinations in order to ensure their health and safety

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