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Dakine Shiba Inus Oregon and California
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please if seriously interested email us or call us we do not check messages on here to Dakine Shiba Inus you can find us in a Google search. Stud Service to approved Shiba girls starting Summer 2020. We are a very small hobby breeder of Shiba Inu's all stud service offered will be by AI only. Artificial Insemination. I am a Vet Tech. This is much easier on the dogs and no risk of STD transfer. Our dogs are all Negative for Brucellosis. We will not take any risk of infection to our dogs. It is your responsibility to make sure your female is ready for breeding at the time of service. We do not guarantee that your girl will take. You need to verify fertility. Our dogs will be analyzed each breeding morphology and motility etc through a microscope to verify fertility. Pick of litter or stud fee at our discretion. The fee is due at the time of service. If the POL a fee may have to be paid upfront that will be refunded at the time of POL takes place. We have a black tan and a Red Shiba boy.

Also we have Shiba Inu pups year round please check out our online den

PLEASE email or call we do not check messages on here thank you