Lucky Labs - New York

Paul & Maria
Lucky Labs
New York 13044
American Kennel Club

We are a small breeder. Our labs are our children. They live in our home and are spoiled as they should be! Our labs make beautiful babies that have amazing personalities! We do have hunting lines. They are AKC registered. We breed Fox Red Labs and Chocolate Labs.
Our labs:
Abigail (is retiring) and will stay in our home as a beloved pet! She is a Fox Red girl. She is from North Dakota hunting lines.
Trinity is our Silver girl. She produces milk chocolate to dark chocolate pups. She is the calmest girl we have. She is Alfa of our pack and the most gentle, sweet girl. Born in Virginia.
Aurora is the daughter of Abi and Sully (retired). She has an awesome personality and a beautiful mahogany colored coat.
Kiana is our youngest girl and our most active. She is from champion hunting lines in Canada.
Sully is our retired chocolate boy and our amazing pet! He is from Batavia, NY
Liam is from hunting lines in Texas. He is a big block head boy. He has as incredibly sweet personality. At 100 pound he still thinks he is a lap dog.
Finnegan is our youngest boy. He is from Croghan, NY. He’s our champagne colored boy.

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