David Hacker - Ohio

David Hacker
Washington courthouse
Ohio 43160 4316
United Kennel Club
Continental Kennel Club
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Her name is Queen, and she has the personality of just that she is the "Queen Of Shiba" ... She is cream colored with a red hue,loves to play fetch and tug-a-rope.gets along great with our German Shepard Mix and Old English Bulldog 2 cats, and even our bearded Dragon. She will get very territorial tho,oh she is so very smart i was watching svu on tv and at the end .of every episode you have that wolf howl after the credits well she can now howl its very cute. well anyway this will be the first time we breed her she is 1 1/2 we have not done this with any of our furr-babies before that should tell you how special and unique Queen really is well thank you for your time