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Latreesa Jones
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5lb adult Pomeranian
Mr. Uncle Luke ( yes his name is Uncle Luke) Stud fee is starting at 1000 and MUST BE PAID IN FULL prior to breeding or semen shipment (YES we accept payments but make sure your timing ads up to when your female will be ready no exceptions)
Are you interested in a pup back deal? we can play around with suggestions but full stud fee of 1000 must be paid I get first pick for 1 and you will receive 500 back when the pup is available to leave the mother.
for local breeding there will be absolutely be no tying Uncle Luke will provide you with 2 A-I sessions
a complete litter is 3 or more since this is a small breed
if your female doesn't take for any reason you have a free Uncle Luke credit
if your female has 2 or less you have free Uncle Luke credit when you and your female are ready
*********Uncle Luke stud fee is NONREFUNDABLE but transferable to any female u choose***** NO EXCEPTIONS
any question feel free to contact us