Lobos Pacificos - California

Vincent Cornish
Lobos Pacificos
Grass Valley
California 95945
Continental Kennel Club
Stud Service
Champion Line
Health Guarantee

Indian Dog is also known as modern "Wolf Hybrid."
Very intelligent, cerebral, and loyal; stepping-out from their ancient hunter-companion designation and into modern complex human relationships.
This highly sought-after breed has maintained their ancient instincts while also highly adaptive to modern society.
They are very loving, active, inquisitive, determined, woolly companions.
All puppies have a health guarantee and also come with registration within the Universal Kennel Club.
This breed also functions as close companions suitable for those specialized PTSD/TBI patient/survivor-clients.
They are pack-oriented, very protective of you and your children. They generally love traveling to fun places and other stimulating interaction.
Your new furry friend is a great communicators who will not only "talk" but utilize an array of cognitive signs, and posturing,
to convey their hazards/warnings, needs/desires.
Aphrodite's next litter will become available early in 2023 ... Better reserve your cub soon, other folks already have!
Both Mom and Dad are pictured here, with pic.s from their first litter.
Also pictured: "Mini" at 4 months.
Enjoy and keep in touch!