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Chrissiey Rose
Michigan 48911
American Kennel Club
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I started Hobby Breeding since 2003 I'm not a puppy mill. I've bred off and on through the yrs. They r not caged up and run free in the house. Only time they dont run around in the house is bed time. Last litter i caged them with their momma at nite when they are newborns bc they wiggle & get lost & could possibly get very hurt or die. Then once they get to a stage they sleep with me they figure out how to climb up with me by climbing up with the help of tiny claws & their lityle bear feet! Ugggg. To damn smart! Im hands on rite after birth. I train them on puppy pads. I use to train in litter box but got lazy doing it. Its not hard it was the thing me having to introduce them to it to get them into the litter box to go but again i got lazy so they are using washable bed pads so they can't tare them up like puppy disposable potty pads. The reason why I trained them it kitty boxes is for the older people so i dont have to worry ab them in winter time slipping and falling and its very cold outside not for the puppy's bc they have a nice fur coat on. Its bc older people could catch a cold having to take thier puppy in and out! Well enough of that. Now u know i love the elderly lol. Ive kept in contact with some of my owners and some have been in dog shows. So i do know mine have the potential. So I know nothing about dog shows but to bred them and know they r very smart! If u dont know any thing about poms they r not ment for young children bc they can be so small. Ment for 6 and older. My Poms also have been service dogs for many disabilities! A few of my babies loves dog sports which is another potential they can have. I've had many people from all over the state adopt my puppies. I've been very blessed having healthy puppies throughout all of the yrs. All my pups are get checked, wormed, up to date on shots. I always give a starter food of high grade dogfood, they come with their favorite toy, small blanky for comfort I also try to have bully sticks on hand to send home with them which is the best best chew bone out there! It digests very well for their digestive tracts & has lots of vitamins & protein for them. U also have the option to have 3 e-books for ur new puppy. I have Pomeranian Secrets, which helps u understand the breed & how they think also the do's & don'ts on how to correct them! The next we have Fasttrack which has from the very beginning of choosing ur own puppy & selecting ur breeder to walking u through the stages of their 1st yr. Then have a 3rd e-book called Giant Book of Pomeranian Care which has the mixture of some of what the other books already had to offer but does have a section into naming ur new puppy, puppy questions, growth chart, care items, & the last e-book called The PetPom Book/Comprehensive Pomeranian Care Guide that has things to start with Before You Begin, Ab the Pomeranian & their history to Pet vs. Show, The variations of their face to the differ sizes, The Pomeranian vurses the fox, to the colors from head to toe, Bringing ur new puppy home, to their health care! So that should have u all set all the way up til they grow into a senior how about that! So if u have any questions ask away the more the better. Dont b shy to ask i will answer them the best i can!!!! You can message me on my ph 5175055061 or call but if u dont get through message me! All I ask and want for them & my customers is to live a long healthy life & to grow old together with very much love as they give to us as we try our best to please our beautiful fur babies in return??