Laura A. Lynne - Florida

Laura A. Lynne
Florida 34747 4019
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Shih Tzu- D.O.B. 1/16/2020 Color Gold APRI B20-YX-AC-30670C

Honey my Shih Tzu is quite perky with happy temperments and the sweetest puppy I have ever had.
She is friendly and simply loves people. If you walk by her and do not notice her, she becomes highly offended,
turns back to say Hey, you missed how cute I am. Honey gets along with all breeds, doesn't bite nor
bark much... only when she wants your attention or taps on the bottom kitichen cabinet to tell me she wants ice in her water. As
a puppy she never chewed any of my things but did on many occassion, steal one of my slippers and hide it under her body to have my scent.
Even to this day, if I forget to put my slippers up she will always steal one of them to sleep on. Honey does not sleep on my bed nor jump on
the sofa as she is only 7 pounds, 8 1/2" body tall and does not like heights. Shoud I pick her up and put her on her pillow she will stay close by on the sofa.
Honey sleeps in her Pet Gear Play Pen, can come and go at will, cherishes her pink Hello Doggie Bed and Blanket to match at bedtime. Honey's favorite
toys are many and absolutely loves to sit on the porch and watch the people go by.

Honey is now awaiting a local handsome boyfriend to give us puppies to love and maybe sell 1 or 2? She comes in heat in December so we shall
have beautiful Easter Puppies...