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Minnesota Boxer & Bulldog Breeder. I live on 10 acres with my husband & kids. I have always been around dogs growing up and I absolutely love them. I started my love affair with Boxers in 2000 and Bulldogs in 2009. I was in search for a loving, loyal, friend and family members. I started to do some research on different breeds to find that perfect friend not just for me, but my growing family too. When looking for the perfect breed we decided that it was the boxer and later on adding in the bulldogs. So similar to the boxer in many ways, but smaller. With the innocent intention of getting one puppy for a family pet, we somehow ended up with more. How could you possibly choose just one? From that day forward, our love and enjoyment of the breeds has grown so much! Like some other breeders my family was your average pet owner who wanted a Boxer as a family companion. We fell in love with the boxer and bulldog breed, their great companionship, loyalty, playfulness, devotion to you, and above all their protection. Boxers and Bulldogs are very affectionate, sweet and absolutely hilarious, They have a very comical personality and love to clown around. They are bright, easy going, curious, and alert. They are all around a great dogs and breeds. Our dogs are a large part of our lives. They are not just a pet they are our lifelong friends. Our goal is to produce to the standards, the best quality, disposition and healthiest puppies possible to better the breed. All my puppies are born in my house with my family and me. They are held from the day they are born. I raise healthy, happy, spoiled, and well socialized puppies. We have pet and Show prospect puppies. Breeding to make a Difference, Bred for Health, Beauty, Temperament, Movement, & Conformation. Pet and Show Quality Puppies. My puppies are Akc champion lined. Lots of health screening in lines that dates back to 60's and 70's. For healthier puppies and longevity. Less out of pocket and chances of common health issues. Also work with Rescues so have resuces available from time to time. Also have training and some grooming services.