Bichon Frise Stud - Westford, Massachusetts

Carol nelson
Translational Medicine
Massachusetts 01886

Continental Kennel Club
Champion Line
Vet Checked

Liberty Boo is a beautiful pure blooded Bichon Frise. I currently have a male and a female and we just had a perfect litter of puppies. All 5 healthy with no runts and classic Bichon Frise markings/health. My Sire is named Liberty Boo. He is dual registered with 2 registries including CKC. He is approximately 1 year old and is very sweet in disposition. His shots are up to date. He has perfect charcoal black paws and eye liner. He weighs 12 lbs and knows what to do. I love bichons but have found them hard to find in this area so I decided to foster a litter or 2, though having an intact male living with you comes with its own challenges, I have decided to do it again. Thus, I can offer Bertie's services for the courtship and mating of your female Bichon Frise. For best results you should plan to leave your receptive female overnight so that he is in his territory and will therefore feel comfortable. The cost is $1000.00 (my puppies all sold for 1500 each easily and quickly in this area) or pick of the litter with 1000$ held in escrow. For up to a 2 night "weekend" of puppy love I will also board your dog in my home, free of charge (first visit only). I will document the number of successful [observed] mating episodes. If your female fails to become pregnant I will offer a single second session free of charge (20$ per night boarding fees apply for this).