Bouvier Des Flandres Stud - Dallas, Texas

KLOZR Productions
Texas 75240

American Kennel Club

“Sir Beaugest” is a gorgeous male Bouvier des Flandres, from a top Breeder in Oregon. She called him “Rambo” because he would climb straight over all his brothers and sisters puppy pile to get to his mom for some milk :)
He’s sweet, protective over myself and our family. Curious and lives for his toys ! Tilts his head to the side when you talk to him as if he is really trying to understand.
He’s blonde but peppered with grey, and a little bit of black and brown. Has a black snout and markings around his eyes (we call them “eyebrows”) and has a Grey mantle harness-resembling marking on his back.
This would be his first stud experience and honestly we’re so happy for him! And can’t wait to see what kind of babies he makes.

And we’re so excited to meet your female and future mama to Gech’s (that’s what we call him ) babies!!!!