Pug Stud - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Palm Beach Gardens
Florida 33410

Vet Checked

Björn is a 1.5 year old pug + lhasa apso mix. I'm attempting to create a new breed standard, and Björn needs a cute girlfriend to help us!

Björn has been vet checked and has all of his shots. He has the sweetest temperament; goofy and playful like a pug, but also a very intelligent and alert guard dog, like the lhasa. His fur is super soft and doesn't require much grooming, though he does shed quite a bit. He has the elongated snout of the lhasa, so he doesn't have the nose problems purebred pugs do.

He's very social; he gets along very well with other animals, especially bigger dogs he can rough-house with, and he LOVES kids. He has an hour or two of physical activity per day, but doesn't need too much exercise. The breed is well suited for small spaces. They make excellent emotional support / companion dogs.

Please contact me for stud services! I'm looking to breed him with another pug, lhasa apso, or pughasa. I would require either payment or trade for first pick of the litter. We need a perfect female puppy to be our next breeder! We live in northern Palm Beach County, and are willing to meet for a play date.

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