Bouvier Des Flandres Stud - Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama 35210

American Kennel Club
Vet Checked

Pierre is a 6 1/2 years-old AKC registered Bouvier des Flanders. He is a black soft-haired bouv. He weighs 85 lbs and is a happy, healthy guy. He is the best dog. I want to breed him just to have his genes in circulation, so that one day, down the road, I might be able to track down one of his offspring. Also, he is, in my humble opinion, a quintessential Bouvier. He is so smart. He knows lots of tricks and lots of commands. He is so gentle and even-tempered, a good-natured sweetheart. He is friendly, but also discerning and rarely barks without reason. He knows his place in our family and follows us from room to room. We love him dearly and want him to lead his fullest life. Thanks for reading.