Basset Hound Stud - Arleta, California

James Banda
California 91331

Vet Checked
Genes Cleared

18 month old ready to breed with accepting female.

Our Basset Hound is a family pet, friendly, gentle, loves everyone. He is both an indoor and outdoor dog. Travels with the family on adventures and most days is part of our office staff—everyone who meets him for the first time is a new friend.

Trade breeding for pick of the litter

He was our pick from a litter of eight pups.
We researched ethical breeders for a very long time before we found the right Basset Hound, the color we wanted. We previously raised Basset Hounds from a pups who were part of a pair, when they passed, we waited a while to find another. Now we want another since they are a pack oriented dog, one from our sire would be perfect.

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