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Xoloitzcuintle Stud - Chico, California

Yolanda Reyes
California 95973

Ahuizotl is one year old, stands at an intermediate height between miniature and standard, and weighs 37 lbs. We did not pin his ears as a puppy so they flop instead of standing at attention, which gives him more expressive features. He has energy but also a cuddly side. He is a service dog in training and provides heat and compression therapy; great for chronic pain management. He is very smart, learning commands quickly and readily. He is very dedicated to his human and canine family members and loves joining us on outings.

He is completely house trained - no property damage or marking indoors (A verbal reminder is all that's needed to help him not mark inside a new place). He is crate trained as well and very calm while taking long trips in the car. When in public, dog parks, or visiting a new place he is polite to people and other dogs. He acts as watchdog at home, however, using a trained whisper tone upon hearing sounds or seeing people outside. He loves to play tag and wrestle with his canine sister outside, sometimes also picking up and pawing at rocks for entertainment.

Ahuizotl's ideal match would be a coated Xoloizcuintli (Champion Bloodlines not necessary), similar size or larger preferred.

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