Doberman Pinscher Stud - State College, Pennsylvania

Justin Minnick
State College
Pennsylvania 16801

American Kennel Club
Champion Line

Adorable, fun-loving dobie. Erebus loves people and is always looking for someone to play with; as long as he has a companion he will play endlessly. Great with kids. He is 7 y/o M. Champion Bloodline. Red/rust American Doberman. Available for fresh or fresh chilled for AI.

Sleek and powerful, possessing both a magnificent physique and keen intelligence, the Doberman Pinscher is one of dogkind's noblemen. This incomparably fearless and vigilant breed stands proudly among the world's finest protection dogs. Doberman pinschers are considered people-oriented dogs that are affectionate and sweet with people, if socialized and trained properly. They are loyal to their owners and are good with children if raised with them; however, some Dobermans bond only to one person.

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