Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Stud - Stilwell, Oklahoma

Thomas Parker
Parkers Cavalier's and Bullmastiffs
Oklahoma 74960 7496

American Kennel Club
Vet Checked

PJ is a blenheim CKCS born 1/1/21. We have run the Embark full panel health test on him. He inherited one copy of the DM gene so any female would need to be free of DM. I can share the health results. We have only bred him twice since he is so young. 1st breeding was unsuccessful due to female not being good. Should have Cavapoo pups in late Feb/early March.I have had the vet check his semen. Our dogs have full access to inside/outside all day as they stay in the house with us. He is very playful and energetic but also loves just snuggling on the couch.