Bichon Frise Stud - Eden prairie, Minnesota

Eden prairie
Minnesota 55346

Everyone loves Kevin!! Everywhere we go, people can’t help but stop and say “HI, OMG he’s soooo cute!!”, "he looks like a teddy bear!", “what is he?” and “Where’d you get him?” are the most common questions and remarks. He is a Shorkie Chon, that is Shitzu, Yorkshire Terrier and Bichon Frise. Highly intelligent, quickly learned how to: sit, lay down, roll over, twirl, shake, high fives, sit pretty, stay in general communication with understanding my and others requests. Only need to spend fifteen to thirty minutes a night or if you don't have time a couple times a week works just as well.

Not only does everyone love him, he's friendly to children and strangers.

This breed is not aggressive in the slightest, they get along with all breeds large/small and cats. I have two!

Kevin is a goof ball, makes me smile and laugh all the time.

He has a lot of energy, we can go hiking for two hours everyday no problem. Kevin loves being outdoors and going on adventures. When walking off leash he stays close and never wanders out of eyesight.

Great companion, follows me around everywhere I go. He does have a bit of separation anxiety, leaving them alone for too long is stressful on them. Kennel training in my experience was a nightmare.

Kevin was a picky eater, he now loves raw beef/boiled eggs and chicken. He has tired a variety treats, variety of unhealthy and healthy also fruits and vegetables though will eat kibble.

It took him eleven months to become potty trained as it was difficult to accomplish during the winter.

High maintenance in terms of grooming. They need to be brushed often otherwise their very soft and fluffy hair gets matted just like ours would if we didn't brush. I groom him, it's not very hard and saves me a lot of time/money plus he is most comfortable with me so it's less stressful on him.

He can be really stubborn and talks back a lot though it can be very funny. His barking isn't too big of an issue as long as you work on this with them.

Since getting Kevin, my life is been so enriched! I wake up in the best mood ever because I'm greeted my this cute fluffy man.

No regrets!!

Kevin is a stud muffin, looking to connect and create the next most lovable breed.??