CKC registered doberman puppies for sale - gastonia, North Carolina

North Carolina 28056

Continental Kennel Club
Health Checked
Health Guarantee
Date of Birth:Jan 15 2018

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6 ckc registered Doberman puppies for sale
2 males 4 females was born on January 15th 2018
will have their first set of puppy shots, tails and dewclaw has been removed
will ship anywhere in the united states, there will be a shipping fee

Doberman Pinscher Description:
The origin of the Doberman Pinscher, commonly known as Doberman, lies in Apolda, Germany. The breed is named after Karl Louis Doberman who is credited with developing the breed. After the Prussian War, Karl developed a breed which could accompany him on his tax collecting visits in bandit infested areas. Thus, the Doberman Pinscher was born. The breed is a result of crossbreeding between several different breeds such as the German Pinscher, the Rottweiler, The Manchester Terrier, Old German Shepherd, Greyhound,and German Shorthaired Pointer. The breed dates back to around 1900 and was primarily used as a guard dog as well as for police work. It was first recognized by the AKC in 1908.

The Doberman Pinscher is a large sized dog with a square, muscular frame. It has a long, wedge shaped head; almond shaped eyes which are slightly deep set and dark brown in color; cropped ears which are carried erect; a large nose with the color in accordance with the color of the coat; a narrow muzzle which tapers towards the nose; taut lips which are black in color with teeth which meet in scissors bite. This breed has a docked tail which is set high. The tail is carried erect above the level of the back. It has long, slender legs with small feet. This breed has a short, thick, glossy and hard coat. The color of the coat can be red, blue, black or fawn, may be with little rust markings.

The Doberman is an intelligent, versatile dog. It is good with kids as well as other pets, including other dogs. It is an easy to train breed and very loyal to its master. However, firm authority is needed with this breed. That?s why, this breed is not recommended for beginners who cannot display the right leadership qualities for this breed. The Doberman Pinscher has strong protective instincts and thus, makes a very good watchdog as well as a guard dog. If trained well, it makes for an excellent companion breed too. This aggressive active dog always wants something to do and is a good choice for police and military service. It adapts well to an apartment lifestyle if given sufficient amount of exercise but this working breed is more comfortable in at least an average sized yard.
Doberman Pinscher Care & Grooming:
The Doberman is an average shedder. The short and hard coat requires little grooming. Brushing its coat once in a week and rubbing its body occasionally with a damp towel is sufficient to maintain a healthy looking coat. Its eyes and ears need to be cleaned regularly and nail should be trimmed properly to avoid any injury.

It is a very active breed which needs lot of daily exercise. Daily walks are necessary for emotional needs of the dog. These need to be supplemented with jogging or running in an open area on a regular basis for developmental needs of the breed. This breed is prone to obesity so overfeeding should be avoided. It is sensitive to cold weather so should be adequately protected.
Doberman Pinscher Health Problems:
The Doberman Pinscher is prone to some health issues like Von Willebrand disease, Cervical spondylitis, Skin allergies, Bloat, hip Dysplasia, Heart diseases etc.