Excellent performance golden retriever puppies - AKC OFA (shipping possible) - Wendell, Minnesota

Floden Farm Golden Retrievers
Minnesota 56590 9709

American Kennel Club
Health Checked
Health Guarantee
Date of Birth:Oct 22 2018

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Bella x T-Rex - pups born Oct. 22, ready the week of December 17, 2018
field, hunt testing, hunting, golden companions great with children, agility prospects


Dam: Beck's Princess Belle of Floden
(daughter of FTCH AFTCH Heads Up Tracks in the Taiga MH QA2 WCX*** OS
x Topbrass Lightnin Strikes Gold***OD)

Hips: OFA GR-109714G32F-VPI (Good)
Eyes: OFA GR-EYE12668/84F-VPI (Normal, A3)
Heart: OFA GR-CA25029/32F/P-VPI (Normal)
Advanced Cardiac: OFA GR-ACA2250/84F-VPI (Normal)
Elbows: OFA GR-EL30143F32-VPI (Normal)
prcd-PRA: Paw Print 59057 Clear
PRA1: PawPrint 59057 Clear
PRA2: PawPrint 59057 Clear
Ichthyosis: PawPrint 59057 Clear?
DM: PawPrint 59057 Clear?

Bella has OFA Good rated hips, normal elbows, an advanced cardiac clearance and normal eyes. Breeder's option code A3 recommends we breed to a dog clear of diastachias to reduce the chances of pups having the same, which we are doing in this litter. Bella's is very mild.

Based on the genetic results, no pups from this will be affected with PRA-prcd, PRA1, PRA2, Ichthyosis or DM. Offspring have also tested clear of DEB, MD, OI and SAN, amongst others. Both T-Rex and Bella have normal thyroid function (no medication) and full dentition.

Bella's previous test litter was with FC Thistlerock's Red Ike MH QA2 WCX and pups are reportedly doing very well. Bella has also been bred to T-Rex previously and pups have competed in derby, qualifying, obedience and have also gone to some great hunting and pet homes, as well as physical service dog homes. Bella is approaching 8 years.

Bella loves, loves, loves to retrieve. She is focused and smart. She especially enjoys water, obedience work and everything we've set her out to do. She is great in the house, quiet unless notifying us a person comes into the yard (which we've encouraged so we know when someone is at the door). She was a super mother to her prior litters and would probably nurse forever if we'd let her. She enjoys being with children as well. She has full access to our home and loves curling up with her humans.

She has an excellent "shut off" switch in the house and enjoys training and being active outdoors. She has been wonderful with our children and friends of our children - camping, going for rides, allowing them to cuddle with her new puppies and encourages them to give her attention, too.

We have a great connection - I often find myself talking conversationally to her and she's able to pick out what I ask of her. She's also intelligent as when she is ever stubborn, it's for good reason.

More details about Bella can be found on Bella's page.

Golden retriever sire- T-Rex

Sire: Rippling Run Floden's Teutorix
(son of Trifecta's Repeat Performance UD MH WCX *** OS VCX CCA CGC Can CD x Rippling Run Touch of Spice ** MH WCX OD)

Hips: OFA GR-101676E31M-VPI (Excellent)
Eyes: OFA GR-EYE12364/97M-VPI (Normal)
Heart: OFA GR-CA18573/31M/P-VPI (Normal)
Adv Cardiac: OFA GR-ACA3100/128M-VPI (Normal)
Elbows: OFA GR-EL22998M31-VPI (Normal)
prcd-PRA status: PawPrint 59059 Clear
PRA1: PawPrint 59059 Clear
PRA2: PawPrint 59059 Clear
Icthyosis: PawPrint 59059 Carrier
DM: PawPrint 59059 Clear

T-Rex has always been an "old soul" and, as a puppy, seemed wiser beyond his years. Rather than chewing on everything, he would be content at my feet under the computer desk as a pup. He has a gentle, stable temperament and enjoys his people and other dogs.

T-Rex performs at about between an AKC SH to MH level. Even at about 11 years of age, he still goes after birds. We would intermittently send him to our pro for training when our past female (titled to a MH and running field trials) would return during her heat. He also participated early on in HRC hunt tests. T-Rex loves pheasant hunting, and we kept him for the most part year-round at home to just be able to enjoy him in our family, practice obedience/agility/rally/showmanship in 4-H with our kids, and for our hunting. He would go through the thickest of cattails to get to a crippled bird. He has a very soft mouth, having on a couple occasions brought me an egg completely intact from the chicken coop, or live baby bird he found in our yard still chirping in his mouth.? I'd thank him for doing so and help find their homes. ?

Having grown up with our youngest daughter the same age as him, he has a gentle demeanor in the house and is affectionate with children. T-Rex passed his Advanced Cardiac exam at nearly 11 years of age in September. He's great in the house having free reign.

At 10pm nightly he automatically sits down near us for a little extra attention and to be pet.

T-Rex has retired from breeding with this litter, passing away peacefully at home at nearly 11 years of age. He remained actively retrieving even a week before his passing, although he began showing some signs of old age and we knew he was nearing his time. We feel so lucky and honored to have been his home all these years, and he lived a great life hunting, visiting a state park, learning service dog commands, agility, obedience and showmanship with our six children. Some of his time was spent with our pro and he attained between about a SH-MH level during those months. But for the most part -
we simply loved and enjoyed him!
Rest in peace our sweet, gentle, old soul!

Bella was supposed to retire from breeding with her prior litter, however T-Rex had more libido than anticipated.
So, this is the "caboose" litter.

This litter's full sister, Glory (Trifecta's Daze of Glory), owned and handled by Lisa Kane, just became
Qualified All Age.

More details about T-Rex can be found on our website, https://www.jenniferwinningham.com Puppy price $2100

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