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These tiny dogs make great companions for apartment dwellers. Yorkies are invariably affectionate with their masters, but unless properly socialized they are often inclined to bark at strangers. The titles in Barron’s Dog Bibles series provide detailed information on specific breeds--their traits, history, behavior characteristics, and recommended training methods. Prospective buyers are instructed on what to look for when choosing a puppy, how breed-specific traits influence the relationship between dog and owner, and potential health problems to look out for in specific breeds. Each book also includes detailed information and advice on:

  • Everyday canine care, grooming, and exercise
  • Nutrition and health maintenance
  • Training and play activities

    Sidebars appear throughout the pages of each book with breed facts, helpful hints, and quick tips on training. A hidden spiral binding ensures that the book will stay open and flat at any desired page. The DVD enclosed with each book presents an informal dog training course for new owners. It describes house training methods, walking dogs on a leash, and teaching obedience to hand signals and vocal commands. More than 150 color photos.
  • If you think that Yorkies are delicate, retiring, and shy…think again. The Yorkie possesses a big dog personality and a big dog attitude inside that cute little doggie body. Dog fanciers who love the diminutive Yorkie quickly learn why this spirited pooch has been a favorite, funny, and feisty pet since the nineteenth century. This Pet Owner’s Manual on the Yorkshire terrier will teach you everything you need to know about how to make life with your lovable little “terror” comfortable and enjoyable. Information includes housing, health care, behavior, training, grooming, and more. Illustrated with color photos and instructive line art, this must-have manual offers important advice and tips from this trusted veterinarian and author.
    Yorkshire terriers are one of the most loveable, loyal, and playful breeds around - which explains why they're continually among the top ten most popular breeds in America! Their humble size makes them ideal for smaller homes and apartments, too. As lively, attentive companions, Yorkies exhibit as much energy as their larger canine counterparts - without taking up all the space! Written by pet expert Cheryl Smith, The Everything Yorkshire Terrier Book is the one handbook you need to help you and your Yorkie make the most of your special bond. With professional advice on nutrition, health care, and grooming, you'll soon become well versed in all your Yorkie's needs.

    The Everything Yorkshire Terrier Book helps you:With advice like this, your Yorkie is in good hands - yours!
    The Ultimate Yorkie Dog Manual will answer all the questions you may have when considering sharing your home with this cute and cuddly intelligent breed. Learn everything there is to know, including little known facts and secrets, and how to care for every aspect of the Yorkie's life. This manual contains all the information you need, from birth to the Rainbow Bridge, including transitioning through house breaking, care, feeding, training and end of life, so that you can make a well-informed decision about whether or not the Yorkie is the breed for you. The author George Hoppendale is an experienced writer and a true animal lover. He enjoys writing animal books and advising others how to take care of their animals to give them a happy home. Co-Author Asia Moore is a professional Dog Whisperer, Cynologist and Author, living on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of British Columbia, in Canada, who believes that all humans and dogs can live together in harmony. She and her dog whispering team, which includes an 8-year-old Shih Tzu named Boris, teach dog psychology to humans, to help alleviate problem behaviors that arise between humans and their canine counterparts so that everyone can live a happy and stress-free life together.
    Enjoy hours of fun and escapism at a great price with the No.1 bestselling Yorkshire Terrier colouring book designed with grown-ups and teenagers in mind.

    Our lovable Yorkies are about to go on a vacation/holiday of a lifetime to iconic tourist destinations around the globe book – and you get to go with them!

    Gina B. who has bought the book says "Yorkies!!! I love this coloring in this fun, stress relieving book! The drawings are great visual trips around the world with my favorite Yorkie pups, imagining adventures while coloring away. I highly recommend adding this book to relax and enjoy coloring once again. Love it!!!"

    Our innovative, completely original and beautifully hand-drawn artwork contains 26 single-sided detailed illustrations covering famous places such as New York, London and Paris.

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    Join the millions of people all around the world who are rediscovering the simple relaxation and joy of coloring. This book has been lovingly designed to provide hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and fun creative expression.

    Feel Happy Colouring are a group of talented artists that share a passion for creating fun and relaxing dog and cat coloring books (we have 8 other bestsellers). We aim to help you switch off from the outside world and unleash your inner child, passion and creativity.



    Discover a whole new world of dogs with these revolutionary, breed-specific guides accompanied by a free DVD. The Yorkie's coat can be challenging to maintain. Learn how to bathe, comb, and trim this pooch to keep him looking clean and beautiful.
    The name of this book really says it all; it is the ULTIMATE book for anyone that is thinking about purchasing or already has the pleasure of sharing their love with a Yorkshire terrier. The author is not only a Yorkie owner, but also a breeder who showed and raised champions for over 25 years. This book contains all the information that you will ever need to know about Yorkies including: Detailed information about Yorkshire Terrier Standards. Feeding recommendations just for Yorkies, including a few homemade recipes. The history of Yorkshire Terriers and their Origin. Information about where to purchase a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy, and how to pick out your puppy from its littermates. Preparing your home for a new puppy arrival. Children, other pets and your Yorkie addition. Showing Your Yorkshire Terrier, explaining in detail the different show categories and what you can expect before, during and after a show. Yorkshire Terrier Teeth Care; Brushing, Bathing & Grooming information, including hair wrapping. Immunizations Information. Pet Health Insurance and Yorkshire Terrier Health Concerns including: Hypoglycemia, Collapsed trachea, Luxating Patella, Pancreatitis, Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy, Portosystemic Shunt, Renal Failure, Retinal Dysplasia, Legg-Perthes Disease, Enteropathy, Distichia, Cataracts. Helpful hints for Traveling with your Yorkshire Terrier; Spaying or Neutering information. Breeding your Yorkie, in detail, before you breed, selecting your mate, line breeding, inbreeding, outcross breeding, what to expect during the mating, and, when you should or shouldn't breed your pet. Detailed information explaining what you can expect during the pregnancy, whelping (the delivery) and afterwards care for mom and newborn puppies. Yorkie puppy care from birth including weaning the puppies from mom, and selling your puppies. Advice about when it's time to say Goodbye to your old friend. Also included are Yorkshir
    Traces the history of the breed, describes breed standards, discusses care and grooming requirements, and includes information on training.

    Yorkshire Terrier Training | Think Like a Dog…but Don’t Eat Your Poop! | Here's EXACTLY How to TRAIN your Yorkshire Terrier

    From the Car Ride Home, training Your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Begins. This is your Complete Yorkshire Terrier Guide for Training Yorkshire Terrier. For both new and seasoned owners, whether a puppy or an adult.

    Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent dogs, and can learn simple tasks quickly. This is true when you first do the right things in a way that your Yorkshire Terrier will completely understand.

    Yorkshire Terrier Breed Expert Step- by-Step Guide for rapid learning and retaining!

    This is EXACTLY How to train your Yorkshire Terrier puppy and adult dog while using specifically designed dog training methods, made to be simple, fun, fast and effective to train and adopt for both you and your Yorkshire Terrier.

    So What’s the Right Way to Train your Yorkshire Terrier?

    It’s called Dogmanship, the ability to communicate with your dog the way a dog naturally communicates with other dogs, in a language your puppy already instinctively understands, rather than trying to teach your dog how to speak human. It will save you time and a lot of frustration by enabling you to rapidly establish the alpha position, attain new behavioral correction habits, and teach your dog fast command adoption the same way professional trainers do.

    We are serious about the information you need, the steps you will take, and the results you both deserve for a long-term healthy and happy life together. So serious in fact, I managed to pepper in a wee bit of humor along the way.

    There is design and reasoning behind my terrible one-liners too. You see, a major secret to your Yorkshire Terrier puppy training success depends upon your happiness, attention, attitude, and approach. It’s an easy philosophy too; more fun improves the training experience for you and your Yorkshire Terrier.

    Special Inside:

    New Dog Training Jump Start Guide - Yours Free When You Act Now and Order Today


    • Socialization
    • Clicker Training how to master and use it now
    • House Training
    • Crate Training
    • Leash Training
    • Dogmanship - How to Communicate using Dog Language
    • All Commands Yorkshire Terrier Puppies should learn; e.g. Sit, Stay, Down, Drop it etc.
    • Behavior Correction - How to Stop Barking, Digging, Jumping, and Nipping
    • Treating – How and When
    • Nutrition for your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy
    • Basic Caring and Grooming for a long happy life together

    Simple, Fast, and Effective Easy to follow training for your puppy. Just open it up and read simple, clear, step-by-step training techniques and commands, and start training your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy in hour one. [NOW!]

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    You can have-for-free my New Dog Training Jump Start Guide It contains practical stuff not always found in your average dog training guide. Actions that can help you shortcut your way to success now, by using what pros know and use to help you secure an active, playful, respectful, vibrant dog, living and loving life with your Yorkshire Terrier.

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    Paul Allen Pearce Dog Lover, Author, Dog Training

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