Labradoodle Breed Reviews


Julia Leonard

We have a labradoodle,Paddy, who is 7 years old. We get stopped daily by passers buy to admire his temperament and looks and we pass Victoria's name onto people regularly. Paddy is a big sucess in our home, gets on with the cat, and is a real rascal. We haven't regreted a moment since we brought him home.

Lori Nestor Lucas

Seriously looking for a Labradoodle of Goldendoodle. I would love to find and adult or older puppy. I had one many years ago (38) before they became popular. If you do have, or come across one please please contact me. References are impecable.

Rob Yablonski

These dogs have a great disposition, But I do not think they are as hypoallergenic as people say. Having said that I still have one and get by with the minimum of discomfort despite my mild allergy.