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If your looking to adopt a purebred Labradoodle or mix for sale near you use the search box to find dogs in your area, or browse all the listings! If you can't find the puppy or dog you are looking for - you can always contact a Labradoodle breeder in our extensive breeder directory to see if any pups or dogs are available. Before buying a pup please consider adoption.
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F1 Labordoodle Puppies

F1 Labordoodle Puppies Labradoodle for sale/adoption
Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

Australian Labradoodle Puppies Available

Australian Labradoodle Puppies Available Labradoodle for sale/adoption
Waco, Texas 76706

F1 Labradoodle Puppies

F1 Labradoodle Puppies Labradoodle for sale/adoption
Alton, Missouri 65606

F1 Labradoodles

F1 Labradoodles Labradoodle for sale/adoption
Red Bud, Illinois 62278

First Generation Labradoodle Puppies

First Generation Labradoodle Puppies Labradoodle for sale/adoption
Pocatello, Idaho 83204

Adorable Labradoodles--Multi gen

Adorable Labradoodles--Multi gen Labradoodle for sale/adoption
Galien, Michigan 49113

English Pure Designer Breed Labradoodles Puppies for Sale in Scottsdale, AZ

English Pure Designer Breed Labradoodles Puppies for Sale in Scottsdale, AZ Labradoodle for sale/adoption
Scottsdale, Arizona 85262

Mattie/Moyen f1b Labradoodle

Mattie/Moyen f1b Labradoodle Labradoodle for sale/adoption
Nunnelly, Tennessee 37137

Labradoodle Breed Basics

The Labradoodle is a Golden Retriever Poodle mix. It's size can vary greatly depending upon size Poodle that the Labrador retriever was mated with. Most of our stats refer to a standard mix. Since the mid 2000s, Labradoodles have found favor as guide and therapy dogs for those with dog allergies. Although no dog is truly hypoallergenic this mixed breed is as good as it gets, and most breeders strive for this trait

This breed was originally developed as an assistance dog for the blind with allergies in the late 1990s and 2000s. The idea was to take the Labrador Retriever (already in use as a guide dog) and cross breed it with a Standard Poodle (a non shedding breed) to obtain those two characteristics in a single dog.

Labradoodles have a similar temperament to that of a Labrador Retriever, been both patient and affectionate towards their owner. They are also very trusting, so they make poor choice for watch or guard dogs.

As there are no breed standard the coat can vary between the short haired smooth coat found on the lab and the curly coat on the poodle. Most breeders strive to breed dogs with the hypoallergenic properties of the poodle, so most times the coat will be curly. Labradoodle coats come in three categories: wool (tight curls, and similar to that of a poodle, but with a softer texture); fleece (wavy, soft and free-flowing); or hair (curly, straight or wavy, but similar in texture to a Labrador). Labradoodles' coat colors include chocolate, cafe, parchment, cream, gold, apricot, red, black, silver, chalk, parti colors They weigh between 35 and 55 pounds